Best October CMS Plugins to Organize & Manage Contents On Your Website

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4 min readAug 13, 2021

Being a self-hosted Laravel PHP framework, October CMS has gained immense popularity in recent years. Approximately 58K+ websites, including some of the most popular websites, are using October CMS, and more are being added now and then.

With its ease of development, PHP support, advanced security, and modern template engine, October CMS has become the most preferred platform among organizations worldwide. But what would an October CMS website be without a handful of the best October CMS plugins installed on it? October CMS plugins are the foundation of adding any new functionality to your website.

One of the main reasons why October CMS development has gained traction to be the most popular platform on the web is its plugin ecosystem that grew steeply alongside. There are thousands of October CMS plugins available to help website owners add a plethora of functionalities to their websites. There are various categories to choose from: eCommerce, blogging, email, marketing, and privacy to security.

But how do you point out the best October CMS plugins to help you manage your content needs? That’s what we’re going to discuss. In this small roundup, you’ll find a few of the best plugins that can help you manage content on your October CMS website.

Static Pages

Your October CMS website will probably require some sort of static pages or menus as and when you grow. How else are you going to enable such static pages or menus for your readers or visitors on your website? There are a couple of such plugins developed by October CMS development companies, but Static Pages seems promising. If you want to add simple static pages with ease, you can do it on the go by configuring simply a title, URL, and layout. And you’re done! You can even hide the page anytime from the front end. Moreover, you can even define custom menu item types based on your need.

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When you have an open comments section on your blog or your eCommerce website, you will probably see some people commenting frequently. Comments plugin is one of the most October CMS plugins available to you. The plugin empowers you to interact with your target audience right from your website. It helps you build your community around your blog or website, which in the end, encourages loyalty.

With more than 4K+ installations so far, the plugin brings many more features than other October CMS plugins. It adds different comment settings and characteristics to your website. This includes enhanced comment layouts, post ratings, anti-spam protection, multi-lingual support, and a lot more. The number of options available in Comments is astounding, helping you improve your October CMS development efforts. The developers have simplified the setup process with the help of a user-friendly wizard.

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Revision History

Revision History is a very accurately named and designed October CMS plugin. It doesn’t come with millions of installations or usage statistics, but it does the job pretty well compared with any other plugins available in the market. It allows you to track the changes made at a record level and field level. The plugin works as a log or history of the most important events on your October CMS website. It is also possible to revert back to the changes made, which in the end improves the speed and functionality of your website. The plugin is doing amazing for the website owners so far.

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Image Resizer

Looking for a way to reduce or compress images on your October CMS website? Image Resizer is the answer! It easily resizes and compresses heavy images of your website with the help of the Twig filter and PHP method. The plugin works excellently with other October CMS plugins like blog, form, contact, slider, and more by creating a thumb of an image. It doesn’t require any large image manipulation libraries to resize the image. This plugin is excellent when it comes to optimizing the speed of your website.

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How about catering to audiences from different geographical locations and speaking different languages? Well, Translate helps you make your website multilingual and translate a website content for your diverse audience. You can set up different languages in the back-end of this October CMS plugin with a single default language selected. This enables the use of different languages in the front-end. Any user can select any language by simplifying prefixing the URL’s language code, and that’s it!

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Summing Up…

We hope you have found some interesting and useful October CMS plugins for your website, and we’re sure they will help you in your October CMS development venture that you and your audience will love. Do you think we have missed any specific plugins? Do hit the comment to let us know.

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