How Much Does It Cost To Build A Learning Management System with WordPress?

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4 min readApr 27, 2022
  • People spend 59% more time than expected on any Learning Management system.
  • 92% of LMS users are satisfied with their school’s existing setup. Only 3% were found dissatisfied.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, 74% of users found that LMS had a positive impact on their teaching aspects, such as increased student satisfaction, improved productivity, and enhanced teaching.

We’re trying to make here that the education field is consistently imparted online, specifically through WordPress LMS. Whether you’re getting started with eLearning or planning to change your existing LMS vendor, you’ll find many learning management systems or platforms around you. And many more such exciting stats are covered above.

In such a scenario, estimating the final cost of online learning web development makes sense to ensure you make the best choice for your learning management goals. This blog post will be closely investigate different LMS pricing models and LMS development cost structures.

When you decide to develop a learning management system using WordPress, here’re a few core features that are must and affect the cost of your WordPress LMS venture:

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To accommodate the core features in the LMS, you will roughly require 50–100 hrs. Apart from the features or functionalities, many other factors can affect the cost of WordPress LMS, which are listed below.

Discovery and market research — This activity involves market research, user personas, and market capitalization, which roughly involves 40–80 hrs.

Analysis and scoping — This phase involve identifying the complexities involved in the LMS, which is indirectly dependent on the kind of LMS features you are trying to integrate into your WordPress LMS. Based on the complexity of your LMS, it may take somewhere around 40–100 hrs.

Design & Animation — The next factor that contributes to the cost of developing LMS using WordPress is design and animation. It will roughly take 50–80 hrs.

Implementing front-end and back-end functionalities — Usually, the front-end and back-end functionality implementation may take up to 50–100 hrs.

Integration & testing — You might require integrating payment gateways and other third-party applications to your LMS and performing testing. It will take somewhere around 60 hrs.

Location of the WordPress development company you hire -The per-hour rate may vary from $18 to $150 per hour, based on the agency’s location.

Depending on who develops your WordPress LMS, whether an individual developer or a known WordPress development company, the cost vary. There is a considerable amount of cost difference based on the team size. Your WordPress LMS development maybe consist of the following team structure:

To build WordPress LMS, all you will need is a list of features, hosting, theme, plugins, and a trusted WordPress development agency. There is nothing called a proven “Formula” that can help you know how much you will be spending on developing an online learning management system. However, to summarize the cost of developing WordPress LMS, consider the following cost breakup:

  • 40–100 hours to carry out market research, business analysis, and scope.
  • 40–100 hours to design platform architecture
  • 50–80 hours for designing and wireframing
  • 50–100 hours for front-end and back-end development
  • 40 hours to perform integration with 3rd party applications
  • 20 hours to perform quality checks

This will add up to somewhere around 400–500 hours to develop a fully functional learning management system with the help of WordPress.

The total cost may vary somewhere around $10K to $15K for your WordPress LMS. But it may go higher if you opt for additional tools.

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