How No-Code/Low-Code Development Beneficial for Businesses?

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3 min readFeb 2, 2023

Businesses leverage software programs to run their businesses and perform repetitive activities. They use software for better operational efficiency and to scale their business. Consequently, the demand for software development services had gone up, and inevitably software development agencies came under pressure as businesses wanted faster delivery with no bugs.

This gave birth to the idea of no/low code software development, which reduced the time taken to finish the project and the number of bugs. The new development ensured many benefits for software development companies and businesses.

Are you a businessman looking to develop software or an app for your business? Here is everything you need to learn about no/low code development for better investment value.

What is Low Code/No Code Application Development?

Low/no-code app development is creating software applications without writing extensive lines of code. Instead, it utilizes visual drag-and-drop interfaces, pre-built templates, and other tools to simplify the development process.

The approach has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing organizations to create applications faster and with less technical expertise. Gartner says that over 65% of app development will be low/no code.

The benefits of using low/no-code platforms are many. It enables non-technical teams to develop and deploy applications, reduces development time, and can lead to significant cost savings. Low/no-code app development also improves collaboration and communication between teams and departments.

The Benefits Of Low/No-Code Application Development

While we have touched upon the idea of low-code development and how businesses prefer no-code development, let’s now understand why businesses prefer this method over others.

Here are a few essential benefits that businesses can enjoy if they opt for no code development methodology:

Faster app development

As the name implies, no code development does not require writing extensive codes to develop the application. Hence, a software development company can easily create and deliver the prototype to the client. This ease of development also allows the developers to make quick changes to the prototype and final delivery.

Lower development cost

Usually, a software developer must use various resources and working hours when developing an application. With no code development, that’s not necessary. This helps the business bring down the cost of development in terms of money, working hours, and efforts.

Increased productivity

One of the best ways no-code platforms can be used is to automate mundane or repetitive tasks in the development cycle. This enables developers to evaluate complex tasks better and focus on them. The result is an impeccable application that didn’t take much time to develop.

Better collaboration

Low-code platforms make it easier for people, even without technical knowledge, to understand the process. Hence, even non-technical stakeholders can become a part of the process and contribute. Collaboration between the development and business teams can improve the final product.

Enhanced flexibility

When an app development agency uses a no or low-code platform, it gives them the flexibility they need to work on the project. They can create highly complex and expansive applications such as ERP and CRM to small apps for automation. As a result, development companies of any size can get into the process.

Reduce time to market

Every business wants to develop and test products faster to bring them to the market quicker for competitive advantage. With a low/no-code development philosophy, reducing the time to market for any product is much easier. The prototype development and testing would take little time, unlike classic SDLC.

Where Can You Use Low Code/No Code App Development?

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