New Features Of ASP.NET Core To Build Modern Web And Cloud Applications

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2 min readOct 21, 2019

Overview of ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core is a web framework that is an open-source platform available for everyone. Compared to the conventional ASP.NET and ASP.NET Development Services, it is far more superior. The Core ASP.NET Framework operates on a modular framework which means it will run exceptionally well on both the .Net framework on Windows OS and several other platforms as well.

Many of the .net development services are inclined towards the Core framework because of its scalability and increased performance on its web applications. It is licensed by Apache 2.0 and its current stable release is at 3.0.0 that was released a week ago. There are many dot net development companies who now hire .net developers owing to the radical popularity of the ASP.NET Core framework.

The following article will largely focus on some of the vast hordes of features that the ASP.NET Core packs in for building some advanced web and cloud applications.

Latest Features of ASP.NET Core for Web and Cloud-Based applications

Let us take a look at the list of features that are offered by ASP.NET Core for building the applications:

1. Cross-Platform Feature Set

As mentioned in the initial introduction about the ASP.NET Core, it contains a brilliant cross-platform capability across the operating systems. If the users are targeting to use the Mac OS, or Linux or Unix, then the ASP.NET Core will have no issues getting gelled up with any of them. Perhaps it also is considered one of the best platforms in the .NET Framework to have this kind of feature set.

Compared to the Core framework, ASP.NET MVC Development Services do not have this capability. Developers would now be able to seamlessly deploy and utilize some of the new and improved technologies like:

  • Docker — A Platform as a Service Enterprise Container Platform.
  • Microsoft’s Azure — Cloud Computing service for testing, managing and deploying applications.
  • Kubernetes — Container orchestration system for automation of app deployment and management.

There are many more applications like these that can be deployed using the ASP.NET Core. The complete SDK provides users with the command line tools that would be instrumental in creating, compiling, building and publishing the .NET Core application on any Operating System.

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