Start Your eCommerce Mobile App with WooCommerce in a Few Simple Steps

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4 min readMar 23, 2021

There are many eCommerce platforms available to help you create and launch eCommerce stores or eCommerce apps. But WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin, has caught the attention of retailers across the globe.

Want to start your online store with WooCommerce app builder? This post will explain how you can begin creating your ecommerce store development using WooCommerce. Starting from pre-requisites for your eCommerce app to complete the eCommerce store’s setup using WooCommerce app builder and adding products, we’ve tried to cover almost everything you will require to start selling your products online!

FOUR things to remember before getting into eCommerce store development using WooCommerce…

Of course, it is exciting and easy to build your own online store or eCommerce mobile app using WooCommerce. But, before you jump into setting up your eCommerce store using WooCommerce, there are a couple of pre-requisites you must fulfill, such as:

  • Have a domain name ready with you! It will be the name of your online store.
  • A web hosting account where your eCommerce app or eCommerce store files will be stored.
  • Purchase of SSL certificate to ensure your online store data is secure and intact from any online frauds.
  • And last but not least, your undivided attention for half an hour!

Yes, it is really that simple!

Setup WordPress and WooCommerce

Once you are ready with all the prerequisites mentioned above to set up an online store with WooCommerce, it is time for you to start setting up the environment for your eCommerce store.

Install and Setup WordPress

Installing WordPress isn’t a big job to do. You can set up WordPress in a couple of minutes if you follow the correct process. You can decide upon the installation approach, either manual or automatic.

If you have chosen a manual process, it is time-consuming and may require some experts’ assistance. On the other hand, if you’ve opted for one-click install, login into the account, click create site button, add site name & tagline, click next, add domain name and URL, and that’s it! You have installed WordPress successfully. Now let us move ahead to set up WooCommerce!

Install WooCommerce

When it comes to installing WooCommerce, you have three different options:

  • Create an account on the WooCommerce site. In this approach, you have to create an account in WooCommerce, download the ZIP file of the WooCommerce plugin, install, and activate.
  • Download the WooCommerce plugin from the WordPress site. For this approach, simply login into WordPress, download the plugin from the website, upload the downloaded plugin, click on install, and activate it!
  • Search for WooCommerce app builder in the search bar of your WordPress site! Repeat the steps discussed for the second option.

Setup WooCommerce

Once you activate the plugin, you will be prompted to a Setup Wizard so that you can personalize your eCommerce app to provide a better user experience. Starting from setting up the store location, address, and currency, to setting up the payment, you can customize the eCommerce mobile app on the go. The next thing you have to do is to configure shipping details. You can set up printing labels, product weights, and dimensions as a part of shipping details configurations.

Once you are done with configuring shipping details, you can enhance your storefront using various tools like Facebook, MailChimp, and so on. You can easily install or uninstall these extensions based on your needs.

Select WooCommerce Theme

To reflect your brand, you must choose the right kind of colour and design that goes well with the products you offer. There are multiple free or paid themes available in WooCommerce that can make eCommerce store development easier for you. Make sure the theme you select is easy to navigate, responsive, SEO-friendly, and multilingual functionalities.

Start adding products!

Now, your eCommerce mobile app is ready to help you sell your products! Suppose you already have a list of products available handy. In that case, you can go to WooCommerce Dashboard -> Products and start adding new product details such as Title, Description, Short Description, Product Categories, Tags, Images, and Gallery with product images. Once you add the product details, click the Publish button, and you’re done!

Want to add more functionalities and make your eCommerce app more flexible?

Well, to help you get more functionalities added to your store, you can take help from free or premium WooCommerce extensions or plugins. Such plugins can help you create contact forms, coupon codes, or even landing pages for your online store. You can find all kinds of extensions suitable for your online business needs.

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