Top 5 Benefits And Advantages Of .Net Framework For Developing Business Applications

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2 min readOct 21, 2019

The .NET Framework is one of the programming models which supports construction and operations of various applications for Windows, Windows Phone, Microsoft Azure, and XML internet services. It is created by Microsoft and operates on Microsoft Windows. The .NET Framework includes a large class library which is known as Framework category Library, and another one is called customary Language Runtime that provides ability to understand the language across many programming languages.

This structure was designed to beat numerous issues of application advancement together with long development times, weakness to vary applications rapidly, cost of ownership of the software is quite high, and deployment was quite difficult.

The .NET Framework can is one of the managed accomplishments which provide a different range of services to its operating applications. It has 2 major components which are as follows:

  • First is the common language runtime (CLR): this is the main execution platform that handles all of the operating applications.
  • Another one is the .NET Framework class Library: that provides a library of proved, reusable code that innovators can have from their own applications.


There are numerous features of the .Net framework some of them are listed below:

1. Bundling and removing unnecessary data

  • Bundling were initially introduced with Dot net version 4.5 that helps to bundle and reduce the scale of the scripts and style sheets in your software.
  • This feature incorporates a nice impact on the operation of the .Net framework as a whole. You’ll even have a structure net optimization namespace that gives assistance bundling and modification of files.

2. Strongly Types information Controls

  • You can currently have an information center that may be strongly written.
  • You’ll get intelligence for all; you need to assign the item property to a pattern that’s aiming to be related to the information controls utilized in your .aspx pages.

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