Web accessibility compliance-what is it and why is it important?

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2 min readJan 11, 2023
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What is web accessibility compliance?

Web accessibility allows all people, regardless of their disabilities, to access, use, and utilize the internet, websites, technologies, and other online resources without any limitations whatsoever.

Make your websites and apps accessible to a wider audience with our website accessibility services. With the latest tools and technologies compliant with accessibility standards.

Why is digital accessibility important for your business?

When offering products and services on your website, you must realize that the audience includes people with disabilities. Therefore, your website must be accessible to everyone for business and inclusivity reasons, such as:

New Customer Acquisition: Customer acquisition is an important goal for all businesses, including yours. Accessibility helps businesses expand their customer base, as people with disabilities can easily use their websites. Poor accessibility is a major reason most disabled people don’t use certain service providers. If you can address this concern, more people with disabilities will come to your website and become your loyal customers.

Better User Experience: User experience is at the core of online accessibility and general internet use. The better the user experience, the more likely they will stay on your site longer and convert. When you aim for accessibility and inclusiveness, it improves the overall performance and experience of your website. This can positively reflect your business and lower your cost of acquiring new customers.

Legal Compliance: Accessibility is legal compliance for businesses in most countries, including the US. Therefore, businesses are required by law to ensure that their websites can be accessed and used by people with disabilities. This can protect businesses from potential legal disputes and lawsuits and encourage them to be more inclusive toward people with disabilities.

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