Working with PWAs & Vue JS Know How It Benefits Your Business

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4 min readOct 4, 2021

When it comes to the online business, you always feel sceptical about using the technology stack that benefits you the most. And with rising mobile usage, it is essential to make sure you have a tight grip on the web and mobile too! Progressive web applications are a great solution to address the problem of catering to the smartphone audience.

PWAs are faster, engaging, and reliable, and there is no denying it. Progressive web application development helps businesses get good results. They help businesses increase traffic, improve user engagement, decrease page loads, and help lower bounce rates. All of these lead to an increased conversion rate and, yes, it means HIGHER revenue!

Industries leveraging from Progressive Web Application Development

How Popular Brands Benefit from PWAs?

Some of the most digitally advanced organizations have leveraged from PWAs and are using them with complete confidence. Starting from Twitter, Instagram, and Uber, various popular brands across the world benefited from it. Twitter has observed a 75% increase in the total number of tweets and a 20% decrease in bounce rates.

Another famous brand, Flipkart, has launched the Flipkart Lite app using PWA and has improved engagement rate up to 40% compared to the previous mobile experience. Similarly, Forbes’ progressive web app for its new mobile site loads in 0.8 seconds compared to the 3–12 seconds of its earlier version.

You’re flattened for progressive web application development! But have you ever given a thought to using PWA and vue.js? These days many businesses owning web apps convert it into a PWA or build a PWA using vue.js. There are a couple of prerequisites for progressive web application development — a Service Worker and a Web Manifest. And Vue brings all such things together with the help of its CLI.

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Using PWA and Vue JS TOGETHER — How It Benefits Businesses?


When it comes to performance, PWA and Vue JS work hand-in-hand. While PWAs are faster to respond to user interactions and page scrolls, Vue.JS is a light framework offering exceptional performance with the help of its progressive nature. When using Vue JS development along with PWAs, you can leverage offline access features provided by PWAs.

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Security is the significant aspect that every business considers when developing web or mobile apps to promote their product or services. Developing a PWA using vue.js or transforming your vua.js into a PWA enforces transport layer security to encrypt all the sensitive information and data. Moreover, PWA restricts device hardware access without users’ consent, which helps the Vue JS development agency to use trusted JavaScript libraries for the Vue JS development.

Native App LIKE feel

Vue.JS is known to develop single-page applications and user interfaces. However, using Vue.JS for progressive web application development empowers you to build native-like apps. It is possible to use JSON files to alter various application elements, including app icon, theme, colour, etc. Using these properties, you get complete control over the process of developing web or mobile apps to compete with native apps.


Another great benefit of using PWA and Vue JS is that you can bring down the development cost a lot! With progressive web application development, you can use the same stack for both mobile and web. This greatly eliminates the need to learn new languages and frameworks. Also, it is helpful to reuse the same code as much as possible. This, in the end, helps businesses lower the overall development cost for the web or mobile app.

Small SIZE and FASTER installation

Yes, it is true! One common thing between PWAs and Vue JS is that both are smaller in size. It is hardly in KBs. It helps businesses to leverage faster installation than any other frameworks or libraries. Such small size and quicker installation have grabbed many companies worldwide and left many popular frameworks behind.

Gain SEO Benefits

We all know that Vue JS is not so SEO-friendly. With page load speeds, difficulty updating Meta, sitemap, and canonicals has made Vue JS tedious to optimize for SEO. However, converting Vue JS applications into PWAs can help businesses optimize their web apps for SEO. Since PWAs are linkable, it is possible to optimize them for search engines quickly. This greatly eliminates the limitations posed by Vue JS.

Apart from these benefits, you can also make more flexible and scalable web or mobile apps when merging Vue JS and PWAs.

We can do a lot more by converting your Vue JS web apps into PWAs or building PWAs using Vue JS. Are you looking for a certified Vue JS development agency having expertise in converting typical web apps into progressive web apps? We’re a click away! Get in touch with our transformation experts now!

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